Rental insurance

Rental insurance


In recent times and because of the changes that are going through the world economy and in particular, the Spanish, have encouraged the use of rent as housing, which intensifies an old risk, the possibility of default.

Rental insurance Many families have chosen not to buy a home and not have to deal with a mortgage, though not imply that it is always a problem of purchasing power. However, just as there is the problem of not being able to pay the mortgage, it can also be the same as the monthly rent. To alleviate this problem, some insurers have created specific products to protect tenants against possible risks, whether by default or otherwise. This is what is now known as insurance unpaid rent.

Nowadays, close to 20% of owners of flats for rent in Spain have a credit default. Yet we are below the European average where 4 in 10 rented houses have this protection, according to the Association for the Promotion of Self and Access to Housing.

Protección de seguros para alquileres

Definitely, this percentage is called to be increased by the need for owners to cover such risks. This type of insurance, according to the association, contributes to reducing delinquency, because it indicates that default has fallen to 0,5% in the case of those with insurance of Default, versus 4,5% for others.

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