Decennial insurance

Decennial insurance


Decennial insurance is insurance that is born to protect those individuals who purchase a home against the possible construction defects that may occur in them during the years following the acquisition.
This insurance is governed by those contained in Law 38/1999, of 5 de Noviembre, of Construction Planning.

Decennial insurance


This law, provides in Article 19, in three installments of which can be held accountable to the various stakeholders (builders, promoters, architects, etc.) I involved in construction depending on the damage:

  • Ten years for damage or defects affecting the Decennial insurance foundation, brackets, beam, Forged, so that compromise the mechanical strength and stability of the building.
  • Three years for defects in building elements or for facilities that cause non-compliance with habitability requirements.
  • One year for damages that happened in the finishing or completion of the work.


Currently, several companies face such risks. There are some more specialized and offer solutions to this type of risk to be covered by legal requirements.

If you are a promoter, builder, or only want to build some type of house, contact us. We’ll find the best possible solution.



Decennial insurance




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